Jean René Mounie

Coach / Mentor

“Alles ist nicht genug.”



JR, Jean

Date of birth




Previous clubs
  • Asand Marseille
  • Levallois Sporting Club
  • Coach for the French Federation
  • National coach for Brasil
  • Mentor
  • Coach

I have passion, I am a good listener and I know what I want


I have problems keeping myself short and invest to much energy in details.


I want to achieve something special on a World Event, I want to support the LMC winning titles and would like to enjoy the road to success

Why are you in the LMC?

Because this is the place to be, isn’t it?
Ok, let say I feel this structure gives us the opportunity to improve and of course I like people there, which is a key point when you invest your energy and time as I am trying to do.

What does success mean to you?

Success means to be able to be happy, to be satisfied with who and what we are.

Why do you love table tennis?

Probably because this is a cerebral and physical sport, but the most important for me is the human part, human relations linked with performance. I have chosen table tennis but in the end it could have been another sport.
However, it seems that I like table tennis enough because I can speak about and watch it 14 hours per day or even more.

If you hadn’t become a table tennis pro what would you have gone in for?

I would have loved to be involved on the research and protection of oceans and coral reefs.


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